One year ago today, my family said goodbye to San Clemente, California and set off on a three week adventure that took us all the way up the West Coast to Seattle and the North Cascades, then over to Glacier and Yellowstone National Park. The time we spent on the road were some of the best days I’ve spent with my husband and our boys. Our adventures were endless and so meaningful. We still talk about our time, and the memories we made stay with us. 

I shared a handful of images as we took our trip, but on this one year anniversary of our first night on the road, I wanted to share a handful more. Some of my favorite photographs of our time. 

As this summer kicks off, my advice to all the mamas out there (and dads too!), is whenever you can, get out and go all the places. See all the beauty our country and our world has to offer. The places we visited and the sights we saw were truly awe inspiring. It was in the beautiful sunsets, the endless stars of Wyoming and Montana, the streams and rivers, the wildlife that we were fortunate enough to see. My prayer in introducing my sons to our country and world, is that they will know there is more out there than simply what they see on a screen. They will know what it is like to be a part of these places and to work to protect them, so one day they may bring their children. 

This summer our plan was to spend a week traveling to and from Grand Teton National Park, but a change in my husband’s schedule and limited daily travel due to the little guy growing inside of me, has caused us to alter our plans and to hit some sights closer to home. We are thrilled for the chance to explore the Ozark National Forest. It may not be the three week adventure we undertook last summer, but the days we have planned will be just as cherished. 

So here’s to an amazing summer friends. Full of adventures both in your backyard or where ever the next few months take you. Get out, experience something new, make the memories, and soak in beauty in all the places you can.

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