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Fall started a few days ago, but it still feels like summer here. Luckily, since I’m a big fan of the cooler weather fall brings, I have to only wait until tomorrow and then those fall temps will be more commonplace then the high 80s we’ve had for the last week. But the continued warm weather had me reminiscing on my California days and inspired me (or kicked me into gear) to update my blog with my last session I did in California before our move. I truly could not have asked for a better last session. The evening was the perfect combination – comfortable temps, stunning sunset and a darling family. 

Calafia State Beach was a favorite location of mine when I was in San Clemente. I was thrilled when this family wanted to meet here. Not only to get some shots on the beach, but to explore the cliffs Calafia offers too. We started our session at the base of the beach cliffs, spending time exploring the unique nooks and crannies and then wound our way up to the top of the bluffs. Then slowly as the sun started to set, we make our way down to the sand, spending our last bit of time together capturing some of my favorite images of the evening. 

Whether its already feeling like fall where you are or summer is holding on for a few more days, enjoy this beautiful beach session friends! 

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