“Aloha” has come to mean “hello” and “goodbye” and is fitting in so many ways for this family session. I love the opportunity to work with families for the first time, and was thrilled with Danielle reached out and asked me to photograph her beautiful family. It was especially meaningful because this was their first family photography session, and also because we are both saying goodbye to Southern CA this summer. I’m heading to Kansas but this family is packing up and heading to beautiful Hawaii! I think its obvious who got the better deal! I’ve been neighbors with this family for nearly two years and loved the chance to spend some time with them on this gorgeous afternoon!
Dana Point is one of my favorite location settings. You have the beach and harbor which provides a perfect backdrop and then a great park right up the hill. The evening we were out there, the beach was pretty crowded so we started down by the water for a few shots and then headed up to Lantern Bay Park. This is such an amazing park to shoot. You can see the harbor and ocean and there are trees which filter the sun in such lovely way.
I loved capturing all the dynamics of this family. Danielle and her husband Sam, I photographed down at the beach, but up at the park I was able to capture each of them with kids together and one on one. Her sweet daughter and son were such fun and great little models. And then as we wrapped up I was able to snap a few more of the whole family. One of the most special moments to me during the session was when I had Danielle together with her kids in front of the camera. All of a sudden, she started tearing up, and I immediately was concerned that something was wrong but she said “I just love you guys so much” and I just melted. I love that she was enjoying herself and was relaxed enough at our session to just really be soaking in her kiddos and loving on them. It meant so much to me. She is such a beautiful example of a mother’s love. It was an honor to capture the love she has for her kids and that the whole family shares with one another.

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