Two Amazing Sessions. One Favorite Location ~ Maternity Sessions

So it is spring, but someone needs to tell Kansas. It was spring for like 3 days. Now it is back to being winter and there is even snow forecast on Easter Sunday. I can’t. I love the seasons. In the winter, I want it to be cold and snowy and just as it should be. Now that it is spring, I’d like it to be on the warmer side, maybe not rain every other day, definitely not snow, and it would be nice to see the sun occasionally and perhaps some flowers. Apparently I’m being too picky. Anyway, regardless of the cooler weather, I was fortunate enough to work these two fun maternity sessions in on two of our warmer and somewhat sunnier days.

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All the Boys ~ In Home Newborn Session

newborn, family, photographer, Leavenworth, Kansas

Oh my goodness babies always get me and when I get the chance to capture three sweet boys then I really get all the feels. I love boy households since that is how I roll at my house, surrounded by handsome young men. It’s such a gift when I am invited in to another family of all boys. I’m right at home with all the laughs, silliness, and energy found in these homes.

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